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Personalized attention is paramount in our approach to your mortgage crisis. We will spend time getting to know you and understand the details of your personal situation. Working with you each step by step we will structure a realistic solution and be sure that you understand your options and execute the best solution for you. Our extensive experience in all mortgage products including conventional, sub-prime, jumbo, and Pay Option ARMs will provide you with the assurance that you have found the Best Team with the most comprehensive customer service personnel representing you.

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First American Loan Modification, LLC is a leader in loan modification services, foreclosure prevention and the attack on predatory lenders.  Our professional staff can work with borrowers in all 50 states utilizing special programs and proven techniques and approaches to Stop Current Foreclosure, Prevent Future Foreclosure and modify our client’s current mortgages by negotiation with your current lender to provide you with new affordable mortgage terms with reduced payments and possibly reduced principal with your current lender.  This is a PERMANENT reduction and solution not a short term band aid.  Banks and mortgage lenders nationwide have been severely impacted by the current collapse of the financial services market.  They want to restore liquidity and stability to their mortgage portfolios. We can professionally prepare a complete loan modification application to present to your current lender or the Federal Agency that has taken over your loan.  Past experience has proven that a complete package which includes all necessary components for a loan modification have the highest probability of being granted. Please allow us to assist you and take you step-by-step through the process and answer your questions and give you the personal one on one service that you deserve.

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